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Metal Stud Framing:

Metal Framing

There are a number of inherent functional attributes of metal that are beneficial:

Flexible - the variety of sizes and thicknesses of the steel contribute to flexibility. To obtain a desired design you can reduce the width of the joist but compensate with a heavier gauge steel and not change the spacing of the members.

Durable - it will not rot, warp, shrink, split, crack or creep, and is resistant to moisture and insect infestation.

Light Weight - it is easy to handle, its also straight, uniform and consistent in quality.

Strong - it can meet the highest seismic and wind load specifications.  its allowable stress values on the average range from 21,000 to 33,000 pounds per square inch. Cold formed steel has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material.

Fire Resistant - it is non-combustible.  It does not burn or contribute fuel to the spread of a fire, and may contribute to lower insurance rates.

The proven advantages of steel framing are:  Consistent Quality, Greater Strength, Simplified Construction, Time Savings, Design Flexibility, Pest Proof and Cold-Formed Steel is Recyclable.

At Sutor Acoustical Co, we make it our business to keep up on all of the latest techniques, product and materials used today, which assures our clients quality workmanship, at competitive prices. If I can assist with your project, or if you would like additional information, you may contact me at 315-699-6084 or email invitations to bid to:  

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6189 South Bay Road Cicero, NY 13039  Phone: 315-699-6084  Fax: 315-699-6063