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Gypsum Wall Board Systems:

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Due to the ease of installation, familiarity, fire resistance, non-toxicity, and sound attenuation, gypsum wall board is ubiquitous in construction. Gypsum board Consists of a thin layer of gypsum between two layers of heavy paper and is used or walls and ceilings in most buildings. Perhaps the most single trait of American buildings is the hollow, card-boardy thud of our gypsum wall board.


Gypsum is a mineral found in sedimentary rock formations. It contains chemically combined water that is driven off as steam when subjected to high Temperatures.  Gypsum wall board is the most common interior finish used in Canada and the United States.


There are several types of gypsum board manufactured for specific purposes.  New products are being developed and the industry is always changing.


At Sutor Acoustical Co., Inc. Our clients depend on us to do a quality job. Our staff is well diversified in the installation and finishing of various types of gypsum wall board, using the latest techniques, products and materials. If I can assist you with your project, or repair, or if you would like more information, you may contact us at 315-699-6084 or you may email invitations to bid to: 

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6189 South Bay Road Cicero, NY  13039   Phone: 315-699-6084   Fax: 315-699-6063